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Behind the Ocelot:

Emily MacDonald

Hi! I'm your new photographer... hopefully! Getting your photo taken can be a little awkward, huh? Well let's get acquainted to make the process a bit more comfortable.  I'll go first; I live in Amherst MA (the best place in the world without debate... don't try me) with my partner and two big dogs. I love being active in nature, going to concerts, and doing puzzles at my kitchen table.  I'm multi-passionate with interests in refinishing furniture, logo design, singing with my band, painting and photography... duh.

Life is inexplicably beautiful. From the smallest mushroom cap to a mountainous landscape. My passion lies in capturing human joy and beauty through the lens of photography, preferably in nature.  Photography allows me to an extremely meaningful, human-centered, and emotion-driven outlet. 

I've been a freelance photographer for years focusing on portraiture, family, music, and pets. I love creating a safe, comfortable, and FUN space where folks can be their most authentic self.  It's a thrill to have my clients look at themselves in the photographs we took together and hear them say, "WOW, that's me?! I look great!" 

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